Kingsley, Helen D.
Camp Adventure, A
St. Nicholas: An Illustrated Magazine for Young Folks, Vol. 33, Part 2, May, 1906, to October, 1906, p. 1142.
The Century Company
New York
Original Date
  • Bookwood Historical Collection, Star Lake

A CAMP ADVENTURE by Helen D. Kingsley (Age 10)

One time when I was at Star Lake in Northern Wisconsin, a part of us were going to be pushed up to High Lake, about seventeen miles from Star Lake, on a flat car to get some of the fisherman that had been up there for about a week.

On our way back the entine ran off the track just where there was a lumber camp.

We got off the flat car and went to the camp to see if we could get our supper.

We had a friend who took my sister and me into the kitchen of the camp. The cook had a barrel full of cookies and he let us take all we wanted.

There were a great many log cabins.

We were supposed to get back to Star Lake about six o'clock but did not get back until twelve.

The lumbermen had their supper first and then we had ours. We sat around long tables with benches to sit on. For supper we had cold steak and potatoes warmed up in gravy. For dessert we had apply pie and cake.

The dining-room was a very large room with three long tables in it.

All through supper people were working to get the train on the track and had not succeeded.

After supper we went out and the people built a very large fire. On top of everything they put a barrel which had contained kerosene and it burned very brightly.

We reached home at last, in a driving rain.