Fieweger, Joe
Recreation Program Update
NAHL State Forest Visitor's Guide 2021, pp. 2-3
Lakeland Times
Original Date

The article contains this report: "The other major [weather] event was and EF1 tornado that hit the East Star Lake campground on Sunday, Aug. 9. The campground was about 70% occupied at the time and campers had very little to no warning of the coming tornado, but thankfully no one was injured or killed. The campground was significantly damaged with hundred's of tree's taken down in the campground and surrounding area. There was also significant damage to camping units, vehicles and other property of campers who were there at the time.

"After the campground was 'cut open' the night of the tornado and following day to enable the campers to leave, the campground was closed for the rest of the season while awaiting time salvage and cleanup. We plan (and hope) to have all he cleanup completed in time for the campground to reopen on its traditional opening date just before Memorial Day this year [2021]."

Photo [Emily Koester/Lakeland Times] caption: "No one was injured during an EF1 tornado that touched down at East Star Lake campground in Sayner Aug. 9, 2020. The campground sustained significant damage." [The campground is either in the Town of Plum Lake or in Star Lake. It is not in Sayner.]

  • Bookwood Historical Collection, Star Lake