Ironwood Area Chamber of Commerce
Paulding Mystery Light
Adventure Guide, 2007
Chamber of Commerce
Ironwood, MI
Original Date
  • Bookwood Historical Collection, Star Lake
 The "LIGHT" has defied explanation since it was first sighted many years ago, although theories abound.

 Surrounded by dense woods and from the summit of nearby hills, the mysterious light can be observed almost every night once darkness has descended on the northern wilderness.

 The "LIGHT" appears to rise slowly out of the forest and then hovers low in the sky for varying intervals--ranging from a couple of minutes to over a quarter of an hour.  Often described as looking like a "bright star" it first seems to be a campfire ember, reaching an intense reddish glow, then becoming a haze and finally receding to a mere spark before disappears into the night.

 Explanations vary from fanciful to factual.  Some say it's the spirit of a long dead mail carrier ambushed by Indians over a century ago; others insist it is the ghost of an engineer killed in a nearby railroad accident in years gone by.

 In he meantime, "THE MYSTERY LIGHT" continues to baffle, intrigue and mystify the visitor.

DIRECTIONS TO THE PAULDING LIGHT: Take State [sic] Highway 45 north out of Watersmeet Michigan. About 5 miles out of Watersmeet, the road will begin a slow bend to the right. Watch for a road on the left side of 45 named "Robbins Pond Road" (old state hwy 45). There is usually a brown park sign right before. Turn left on Robbins Pond Road. Follow the gravel road down about 3/8 mile until you see the dead end barricade. During summer months, you will also see the sign put up by the National Park Service.