Dahlquist, Elmer and Jim Samrazil
Historical Notes II and III
Boulder Junction Area Historical Society Newsletter, Winter 2008
Boulder Jct. Area Hist. Soc.
Boulder Junction
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  • Bookwood Historical Collection, Star Lake

Historical Note II: The map reproduced above printed in the October 23, 1913 Minocqua Times show what is now the Manitowish River as being the "Fish Trap River" north of Boulder Lake and the "Boulder River" between Boulder Lake and Island Lake. On this map what is named "Manitowish River" is now Trout River. Perhaps this is why John Mann named his resort "The Manitowish" in 1888. I have seen the Trout River called the Manitowish and the South Branch of the Manitowish on old records and on some old deeds referred to as "Trout Creek". - Elmer Dahlquist.

Historical Note III: Another interesting note on the above map is the absence of the name "Boulder Junction". In the approximate location of Boulder Junction is printed "Rice Lake Station". Is this the name of the area before Boulder was actually a junction or another station? I ran across a series of pictures taken by two girls traveling in the area before WWI. In one of the pictures a railroad stop is labeled "Rice Lake". Until I saw this map I couldn't locate where the girls had snapped the photo. Now I know. Below is a very early photo of the future Boulder Junction. -Jim Zamrazil. [Photo {of too poor quality to reproduce} shows tracks with "Rice Lake" as a typical station sign on a tiny building. Clearly in the cutover, many trees remain.]