Sayner-Star Lake Chamber of Commerce
Errington's Cottages
In: Star Lake, Wisconsin, Annual Tourist Brochure, 1988
Sayner-Star Lake Chamber of Commerce
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  • Bookwood Historical Collection, Star Lake

Errington's Cottages were founded in 1949 by Robert and Eleanor Errington, who before that, were guests at Alvins Twin Pines on Ballard Lake. It became a family project, with Bob and his two sons Bill and Jim building three cabins, before Bob's health forced him to turn the resort over to his two sons.

In 1971, Jim purchased a mobile home, which is located at one end of the resort, and with his wife, Lois, spent the summer months operating the resort in partnership with Bill. After the death of their parents, Bill decided it was time to sell his share of the business to Jim, who was ready to expand the resort and move from Appleton to Star Lake.

Since the move in 1980, Jim and Lois have added 2 motel units and another cottage to the resort, along with a log cabin home. A new garage and office has been added to serve the needs of the guests better. This is an ideal place to work on your snowmobile or outboard motor, along with enjoying a game of pool or table tennis with the other guests.

Errington's Cottages are open year round, and are located on County Trunk K on Little Star Lake, which is a semi-private lake, 96 acres in size, and used mainly for recreational purposes. Guests at Errington's are given the use of fishing boats on 7 different lakes in the area for their fishing pleasure at no extra charge. Jim also supplies boats and motors to several other resorts and campgrounds.

Errington's is also the home of Musky Mike. Mike is only 13 [1988], but already one of the best musky fishermen his age. He is always glad to tell you about his catches and how and where to catch fish.

This year Jim purchased the 40 acres next to his resort for future expansion, and now has a direct groomed snowmobile trail to the Star Lake Saloon and Eatery. Along with longer cross country ski trails, these are also great hiking trails in the summer, where you can see the large selection of wildlife, which the Erringtons are feeding.