Sayner-Star Lake Chamber of Commerce
History of Carl Eliason & Co., Inc.
In: Star Lake, Wisconsin, Annual Tourist Brochure, 1982
Sayner-Star Lake Chamber of Commerce
Original Date
  • Bookwood Historical Collection, Star Lake

In 1924, Carl and Esther Eliason and Elmer and Elsie Ahlborn purchased the General Store on the corner of Main and Front Street in Sayner from Wm. and Martha Froelich.

They ran the two story frame building together for the next eight years as a partnership. It was during the time that Carl constructed the first snowmobile between customers on the floor of the store.

Then, in 1932, Elmer and Elsie purchased the Vernon DeWitt store at the Plum Lake landing which later became the Plum Lake Nite Club.

It was during these early years that some local customers talked Carl into stocking some lumber items, as the closest yard was in Minocqua. For years he operated the lumber business on a limited basis as the grocery and hardware departments took the most time. Then, until 1940, Carl completed 50 hand-made snowmobiles before selling his patents to Four Wheel Drive company in Clintonville.

In 1945, the old frame building burned to the ground, but Carl was back in business the next day supplying customers from the five car garage that was saved from the fire.

Rebuilding started very soon and the building which is now the Sayner Pub [1982] was constructed. This was run by Carl and his family until 1965 when that portion of the business was sold. In that year the new lumber and real estate office was constructed across the street, and the Eliason family has concentrated on the lumber business as it is known today.