Sayner-Star Lake Chamber of Commerce
Fredrickson's Minnow Stand
In: Star Lake, Wisconsin, Annual Tourist Brochure, 1982
Sayner-Star Lake Chamber of Commerce
Original Date
  • Bookwood Historical Collection, Star Lake

Where once frequent log jams lay in the pond adjacent to the great milling operation of Salsich and Williams, there now lies tranquil waters. And, on the shores of that millpond is Fredrickson's Minnows, the area's oldest bait stand.

Owned and operated by Edith and Hazel Fredrickson, the stand can lay claim to being the longest established business, operating under its original name, in Star Lake.

Established in 1935 by their father, Fred Fredrickson, one of the first white men to arrive in Star Lake, the minnow stand has provided minnows, other baits, and good conversation continuously since that time. Fredrickson was not the first to own or operate a stand, on this site. Other bait stands there date to the late 20's, however at the time he purchased the business and named it Fredrickson's, it was nothing more than a box over some springs in the lake.

He continued to build the business up and in 1943 when the railroad left Star Lake, he purchased a building made of box cars, moved it to the resent site, and added 3 new minnow boxes. Fredrickson provided minnows and other baits until his death in 1954 at age 90.

Fredrickson's wife and daughter, Edith, operated the stand until the late '60's, and when their mother died, Edith and Hazel joined efforts to continue the family business.

Today [1982] Fredrickson's Minnows is a local institution. Anglers from miles around come to visit, and buy their products. In addition to their baits they have candy, pop, buckets, and hooks--anything a fisherman needs. They rent boats and life jackets, and freeze fish.

Displayed on the walls of the cozy little stand is handiwork done by the ladies during the winter months. This includes knitted and crocheted items of all kinds.

Hazel has become well-known for her knitted personalized Christmas stockings and she always has a waiting list of orders to fill.

If needs are minnows, chubs, pinkies, crawlers, worms, or two-penny candy, a great place to visit is Fredrickson's Minnow Stand. Edith and Hazel welcome all.