Nemec, Ida
Plum Lake Library
In: Star Lake, Wisconsin, Annual Tourist Brochure, 1984
Sayner-Star Lake Chamber of Commerce
Original Date
  • Bookwood Historical Collection, Star Lake

The Plum Lake Woman's Club Public Library has the distinction of being the first public library in Vilas County. Its humble beginning was a group of women pooling together approximately 100 books for the use and benefit of the community.

In 1939, the library's first home was the basement of the old Sayner schoolhouse. During its early years the library was entirely supported by the Plum Lake Woman's Club. The library was moved to its present [1984] location in the basement of the Plum Lake Town Hall in 1976.

In January, 1982, the Plum Lake Library became a part of the Northwest Wisconsin Library System which opened its doors to further development. Current support comes from the Town of Plum Lake, the Plum Lake Woman's Club and Vilas County.

Programs offered by the library include Children's Story Hour which is held every Wednesday from 9:30 to 10:30 in mid September to mid May. Volunteers are parents of the pre school children are organizers of the Story House. Children ages 3 through 5 are welcome.

The Summer reading program which runs from six to eight weeks keeps children in touch with books through the long vacation and offers many exciting programs and adventures for boys and girls. For children in sixth grade and older there is the Junior Librarian's Club. Its purpose is to create interest in reading and acquaint them with the fundamentals of th library.

The library has a collection of 6000 books and 700 paperbacks, an impressive display for a community of its size. besides literary material there is a find collection of records, a 16mm film projector, a film strip projector, tape recorder and Polaroid 660 Sun camera available to patrons over 16. The Sayner Library is augmented by the Northwest Wisconsin Library System book van which stops once a month with about 250 books in a rotating collection. A patron may obtain nearly any book from this system either by mail or the next visit of the van.

Books from the library are checked out for two week periods and can be renewed in person or by phone. Library services are available to local residents and Plum Lake homeowners free of charge. Campers, vacationers and summer employees are welcome to use the paper collection free of charge but are asked to deposit $10 to use the hardcover books. This deposit is returned at the end of their stay.

The Plum Lake Library welcomes your visit and encourages you use of its facilities.

Courtesy of Ida Nemec.