Sayner-Star Lake Chamber of Commerce
McKay's Corner Store
In: Sayner Star Lake, Wisconsin, Annual Chamber of Commerce Brochure, 1988 edition.
Sayner-Star Lake Chamber of Commerce
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  • Bookwood Historical Collection, Star Lake

Known for the past ten years as McKay's Corner Store, the little store on the corner of Highway N and Razorback Road in Sayner has become a tradition in the Northwoods. Originally Long's Store, it was first opened in 1926 by Emma and Melvin Long. they ran the store with some help from their free sons, Melvin Jr., Gordon, and Alvin. The store was a popular spot, whether for a cold drink, an ice cream cone, or just some friendly conversation.

Today the store is still know for its ice cream cones, including the eight scoop "super cone". About one quart of ice cream carefully stacked on a jumbo cone, the "super cone" is an ice cream lover's delight. Eating one will gain you admission into the "Super Cone Hall of Fame", a very select group. Your picture will be taken and you will be given a bumper sticker stating that you ate a "super cone". Besides ice cream cones, milk shakes, malts, floats, and sundaes are also available, along with hot dogs and pizza.

All of this can be found in McKay's Backyard, a new addition to McKay's Corner Store. While you're there, you can play a game in the game room or take advantage of a "hot" shower.

In the store you'll find a little bit of everything. Cold soda, beer, liquor, ice, groceries, gas, camping supplies, and many more items. Open 7 days a week with extended business hours, McKay's Corner Store is very convenient for visitors and residents alike.

Joan and Doug McKay moved to Sayner from Chicago in 1977 with their twin sons, Andy and Graham. Since then Heather and Alison have joined the family. The kids help out around the store, but there are a lot of benefits when you live in an ice cream shop.

Summer has always been especially busy at McKay's Corner Store, but winters are getting busier. Razorback Ridges, a cross country ski trail sponsored by the Sayner-Star Lake Lions Club, is located behind the store. Many people who enjoy the beauty of the Northwoods in the summer are coming back for a winter visit.

No matter when you are in the Sayner area, stop by and visit McKay's Corner Store. They'll have just you you're looking for.