Wydeven, Adrian P., Jane E. Wiedenhoeft, Ronald N. Schultz, Richard P. Thiel, Bruce K.
Progress Report of Wolf Population Monitoring in Wisconsin for the Period April - September 2000
DNR Endangered Resourcs Publications
Wisconsin DNR
Park Falls
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The following text describes the only wolf activity cited for Star Lake:

"Wolf 289F: Adult female 289F was caught in a deer farm near Hazelhurst in Oneida County on 26 April 2000. This wolf was originally caught on 5 June 1998 in the Shoberg Lake area of Douglas. She disappeared soon thereafter and had not been detected again until recaptured on the deer farm, 110 miles to the east. The wolf was relocated 59 miles to the east in western Florence County in the Nicolet National Forest on 2 May 2000. Wolf 289F initially moved to the northwest in a direction across northern Forest County and into Vilas County. By 10 May, the wolf had moved as far west as Boulder Junction 60 miles to the west of her release site. The wolf spent most of the remainder of May in central Vilas County near Star Lake. In late May, 289F returned to western Florence County, and traveled to the east into Michigan in June. By 12 June, wolf 289F had moved 65 miles east of her release site to western Delta County, Michigan. She spent the remainder of June gradually heading back to Vilas County, Wisconsin, traveling through Michigan Counties Delta, Menominee, Marquette, Dickinson and Iron. Wolf 289F roamed eastern Vilas County in July, and took one trip back to her release site before returning to Vilas County. By August 2000, it appeared that 289F had settled into eastern Vilas County between Conover and Land O’ Lakes. She continued to occupy the Vilas County area throughout September."

  • Bookwood Historical Collection, Star Lake
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