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  • Bookwood Historical Collection, Star Lake

The Eagle River Historical Society includes the city of Eagle River and the towns of Cloverland, Lincoln, and Washington. The Society was organized in May 1989 and is now affiliated with the State Historical Society as a tax-exempt group. The Eagle River Historical Museum was established in 1998.

One of our aims is to collect, preserve and display memorabilia of local interest from about the 1870s. The cutting of the pine and hemlock forests began shortly thereafter.

Our goal is to enroll members and raise funds to be used for exhibiting interesting items of the past and to display them in our "House of Memories." Exhibits are from the timbering days, the farming perioid that followed, and the growth of the tourist industry.

Eagle River is rich in history, so why not preserve and document it scolorful past with a museum that would be an added tourist attraction, as well as a resource center for the schools and the community.

We WELCOME help in this worth endeavor.

Woodmen, loggers and fur traders, venturing into a wildernes lakeland region over 100 years ago, paved the way for the eventual development of one of the nation's greatest vacationlands.

Thoughts of an extensive resort area were far from the minds of the adventurous fur traders and loggers who sought to harvest the natural resources in their own manner.

As the ax fell on the great North Woods, the logging industry boomed, fur traders found a new wealth in the bountiful regions of the Headwaters Country and woodsmen marvels over the untouched beauty of the Eagle River area.