St. Germain Firefighters Association, Inc.
St. Germain Flea Market & Craft Show
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St. Germain Firefighters Association, Inc.
St. Germain
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The St. Germain Flea Market was started by the Women's Service club in 1975. Its first location was between Camp's Red Owl and Eliason's Someplace Else Supper Club. It started with approximately 6 vendors. Over the years it changed locations, moving from the grocery store to the south of Eliason Realty, then across the road in front of Hearthside Inn. IN 1984, the Women's Service Club gave control of the flea market to the fire department along with the profits they had made over the years with a total of $600. The fire department moved the market to what is now the old pavilion and had a first year profit of $2000 with food sales. Over the years, the market moved in different directions from the old shelter until a few years ago when the new shelter was built at an approximate cost of $300,000. The St. Germain Lions Club, Lioness Club and the Chamber of Commerce are all using their fund raising monies to pay off the debt on the new shelter building which turned out beautifully.

The fire department ran the flea market, which is their main fund raiser, for 18 years until 2003 when a new organization called the St. Germain Firefighters Association was formed. This new organization was formed to handle fund raising activities and all monies raised are used to purchase equipment for the fire department. Over the years the flea market has purchased such items as a new rescue squad, a pick-up truck, the John Deere gator which you see running around at the flea market, the med bed unit that is in the gator, a second "Jaws of Life," a thermal imaging camerea, 3 defib units and many other items. The St. Germain Flea Market has grown to be the largest weekly flea market in the state with an average of 375 spaces filled weekly. We appreciate you continued support!!!