Land of Lakes Guide Northern Wisconsin, Canoe Trips, Motor Drives, Motor Boat Rides
Land-of-Lakes Maps (Dorwin & Simpson)
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STAR LAKE--BOULDER JUNCTION TRIP (Out of Star Lake). No. 24. Put into Plum Lake at any point along Hyy. N. Cross plum Lake and portage 1/3 mile into Star Lake (campsite on north shore of south bay). Cross Star Lake into Little Star Lake. 1/2 mile portage into Irving Lake. Continue into Ballard Lake and a 1/4 mile portage into Partridge Lake. Continue down Partridge Creek and cross Nixon Lake into Nixon Creek which flows into the Manitowish River (campsite on the north bank). From this point trips No. 7 and 8 [Armour Lake] may be pick up--or take out at bridge on Hwy. M about 3 miles down the Manitowish River and 1/2 mile north of Boulder Junction.


STAR LAKE ROAD DRIVE (Out of Eagle River) No. 12. Hwy. 45 north 10 miles to Hwy. K. Follow the road to where it joins Hwy. N, then left until you reach Hwy. 155. Turn left on 155 to the intersection of Hwy. 70, and back to Eagle River. The Star Lake road leads through real wilderness and there is always a chance to see deer.

STAR LAKE--PLUM LAKE--TROUT LAKE LOOP (Out of Star Lake) No. 15. "Cathedral Point" You are urged to visit the State Forestry Headquarters on Trout Lake and inquire about the work which they are doing. You will be interested in the nursery where 5,000,000 pine and spruce seedlings are raised each year for planting within the state of Wisconsin.

Leave Star Lake on Hwy. K and turn south (right) about 1/4 mile out of Star Lake on Hwy. N. Continue south and west on Hwy. N past Star, Plum, Crystal and Big Muskellunge Lakes to Hwy. M and turn north (right) and stop at the State Forestry Headquarters. There is a parking area and picnic grounds out at Cathedral Point on Trout Lake near the State Forestry Headquarters and the short tral between the Headquarters and the Point is a delightful short hike. That stand of virgin Norway Pine at Cathedral Point, though small, is one of the finest in the state. Arrange to make the return trip about sun-down. You will enjoy the color sunset across Trout Lake and then it will be just the right hour for seeing deer. Take the first dirt road to the right off Hwy. M just north of the State Forestry Headquarters and continue almost straight east to Star Lake.

  • Bookwood Historical Collection, Star Lake