Bernhard, Harvey (producer) and Don Taylor (director))
Damien-Omen II
Twentieth Century Fox
Beverly Hills, CA
Original Date

Contains scenes of an Eagle River boathouse. The skating scene was filmed on Catfish Lake in Eagle River, Wisconsin using local children as the skaters. The local paramedics were standing by in case any of the children fell through the ice (according to "Trivia for Damien-Omen II" on the Internet Movie dateBase)[].

This is from a November 28, 2021 email sent to members of the Eagle River Historical Society:
On July 26, 2021, ERHS held its fourth bi-annual home tour gala at the Indian Point estate on Catfish Lake. More than four hundred guests enjoyed docent-led tours of former Chicago mayor Ed Kelly's historic home as well as the estate's extensive grounds and buildings which have never before been open to the public. The event went back in time as historic cars and boats were displayed on the property and guests dressed in their 1930s best. Exhibits showcased the home and boathouse in the days of Mayor Kelly in the 1930s and during the filming of the movie Damien: Omen II in the 1970s. An after-party event featured a presentation about the recent renovation of the home based on its historic roots by current owners, Danny and Wendy Dulak, and contractor, Bruce Kaitchuck.