Murie, Olaus Johan
Elk of North America, The
Stackpole Co., Harrisburg, PA and Wildlife Management Institute, Washington, DC
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Chapter 4, Early Elk Distribution in America, has a subsection, Wisconsinm, which reads: Elk occurred throughout Wisconsin and were present in the State until almost the close of the nineteenth century. Jackson [Hartley Harrad Thompson Jackson, "A Preliminary List of Wisconsin Mammals." Wis. Nat. Hist. Soc. Bull. (n.s.) 6:13-34, 1909, illus.] stated: "The elk is without doubt now extinct in Wisconsin, but cast-off antlers scattered throughout the lakes, marshes and woods of northern Wisconsin attest of its former occurrence there. I have examined antlers of Cervus Eanadensis found in Ashland and Iron Counties."

There are reports that the elk was present on Hay River in 1863 [P. R. Hoy, "The Larger Wild Animals that have become extinct in Wisconsin." Wis. Acad. Sci., Arts, and Letters Trans. Vol. 5 (1877-1881): 256] and in the vicinity of Green Bay in 1878 [A. M. Brayton, "Report on the Mammals of Ohio." Ohio Geol. Survey Rpt. Vol. 4, pt. 1, p. 80]; but during the Geological survey of 1873-1879, according to Strong [Moses Strong, "List of the Mammals of Wisconsin." Geology of Wisconsin, sureyu of 1873-1879, (1883), Vol. 1: p. 437-440], it occurred "very rarely in northern and central Wisconsin." The probably marked the end of the original elk disgtribution in the state.

  • UW Madison/Wis Hist Soc