Judson, Clara Ingram
Jerry and Jean, Detectors
Rand McNally & Company
New York
Original Date

The action takes place on Plum Lake, with the story centering on Five Pines Island and Camp Highlands, which is Camp Woodlands in the story. On page 103 the main characters canoe through Star Lake and return to Plum Lake through Star Creek, which is mentioned often in the book. However, the author gets the geography between Razor Back (now Razorback) Lake and Star Lake wrong. She has them portage from Razor Back to Lone Lake (Lone Tree?) which is described as a chain of three lakes all connected by little creeks (evidently White Birch, Ballard, and Irving). The story has them find the little creek to Star Lake, which of course comes from Little Star, which does not connect to the three connected lakes (they are on opposites side of the divide).

Characters in the book are taken from real characters. They are mostly identified in "Getting to Know Plum Lake, On the Islands - Five Pines" in the Camp Highlands Archives (on line).

The dedication page of the book reads, "To Camp Highlands, in memory of good times."

  • Bookwood Historical Collection, Star Lake