Civilian Conservation Corps
Camp Report, S-92 Camp Star Lake 650th Co., May 24, 1934
CCC Camp Reports/Inspection Report, May 24, 1934
Civilian Conservation Corps
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Bookwood holds (copied from originals at the National Archives, Washington, DC:

Camp Report, Week ending May 24th, 1934.
Camp Report, Date of Inspection July 26, 1935.
Camp Report, Date of Inspection May 10th, 1936.

Camp Report, Date of Inspection Dec. 7th, 1936. These are separate bibliography entries, but are part of the source of the following information:

Data of interest: From 1934 Report: "This camp was occupied on the 29th. of November 1933, and the camp number changed from E-61 Gilmanton Wisconsin to S-92 Star Lake, Wisconsin. The distance between the camp and the old camp site is approximately 230 miles. There were no structures torn down when the camp site was broken."

Permanent building (6 standard barracks and other buildings). "North [of camp] road is of oiled surfacing and is designated County Highway "S". [Now "N"] [Sheet #1, under : "Grounds"] Electricity is furnished by Wisconsin Public Service at Minocqua. Bootleggers around camp: None. Communistic Activities: None. Camp is designated as "White" and had no colored enrollees. Almost all work was on the Northern Highland State Forest and consisted of a variety of forest tasks. They were also involved in telephone line construction and maintenance, roadside maintenance and snow plowing, and the construction and manning of lookout towers. Strength:
Original (upon opening, November 1933: 178
April 1, 1934: 121
May 24, 1934: 195
July 26, 1935: 118
May 10, 1936: 148
Dec 7, 1936: 159

Leadership varied only slightly. This is the leadership report for May 1934:
Leaders in Camp 5 [usually including 3 Army officers and an education officer]
Leaders in Field: 5
Assistant Leaders in Camp: 4
Assistant Leaders in Field: 11
Asst. Leader (Ambulance Driver): 1
There was an extensive education (with local teachers brought in), athletic, and recreation (including regular trip to Eagle River) program.

  • Bookwood Historical Collection, Star Lake
  • National Archives (DC)