Chicago and Northwestern Railway Co
A Summer Holiday. A Brief Description of Some of the Most Popular Summer Resorts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota, and the Routes by Which They Can Be Reached.
Rand, McNally & Co., Printers
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This promotional pamphlet provides brief descriptions of popular tourist destinations along the Upper Midwestern route of the Chicago and North-Western Railway in 1884. The Michigan communities of Escabana, Gogebic, Marquette, and Menominee are included, as are the Minnesota towns of Stillwater, Lake Madison, and Waseca. The information in the entries is not always consistent, but usually includes sites of interest, hotels and rooming houses (with occasional prices), and commentary on the health-restoring properties of the local air and water. A "How To Get There" section accompanying each entry alerts the reader to the number of trains going to a particular place as well as the best routes to travel. Engravings and a map accompany the text, as do a few tables analyzing the chemical properties of water. The pamphlet also includes brief descriptions of Yellowstone and other resorts further west, and an advertisement for the Chicago and Northwestern Railway itself.

Bookwood has a copy of the descriptions of Gogebic, Michigan, and Eagle River.

  • Bookwood Historical Collection, Star Lake
  • Library of Congress
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