St. John, Larry
Woods and Waters, Anglers' Exchange
Chicago Tribune, Aug. 20, 1921, p. 6.
Original Date
  • Bookwood Historical Collection, Star Lake

Woods and Waters by Larry St. John

STAR LAKE, Wis.-Minnesota has nothing to offer that surpasses Star lake, Wisconsin. It is located Vilas county, 405 miles from Chicago, on the Chicago Milwaukee and St. Paul railway. Star lake and the region directly north of it was one of the last districts to be opened in the state. It is a most beautiful region, the country being rolling and timbered with birch, spruce, balsam, basswood, etc.

Star Lake itself is one of the best in the state for muskellunge, pickerel, black bass and pike, with excellent accommodations on the grounds. The country thereabouts is dotted with beautiful lakes. Ballard lake is two miles from Star Lake to the north. Irving. Laura, and Stormy lakes are but a little ways further. Buckatoban lakes [sic] and the headwaters of the Wisconsin river are to the east, while a dozen or more lakes are to the west and south.

Those who like the real wilderness will find the region north of Star Lake to their liking for it contains miles of interesting and beautiful country, some of it only partially mapped. The angler-explorer will find here waters that are never mentioned in the railroad folders or shown on the maps. Some of these include fine muskie and bass waters.

This region also offers very good hunting, both large and small game being plentiful. –Contributed by E. A Wendling.