At the Summer Resorts, Star Lake
The Inter Ocean, June 23, 1895.
Original Date

This list of summer visitors certainly includes guests at The Waldheim, but whether others are in this listing is unclear.


Star Lake. Wis. June 21.--Special Correspondence. The following guests are here at present: Mr. and Mr. Fred T. Pitney, Chicago; Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Wanger, Milwaukee; Mrs. Jannette Putnam. Rock Island; W. Merst, Milwaukee; J. P. Mathie, Wausau; W. M. Allen, Merrill; C. G. Drummond, Chicago; H. A. Buell, Milwaukee; J. J. Osbourn, Eau Claire; 0. E. Shulz, Milwaukee; L. W. Yaggy, Carter H. Fitzhugh, Lake Forest; James Maloney, Chicago; S. M. Hinckley, Milwaukee, E. W. Tucker, Milwaukee, F. G. Williams, Frank Bryant, McNaughton. John Haven, Chicago; A. Walter Harris, Providence, R. I.; J. W. Bunn, Milwaukee; F. Chickering, Milwaukee; L T. Tuttle, Oshkosh; J. W. Robertson, Oshkosh; C. D. Stevens, Muskegon; P. Hollingshead, Lisbon; Wade Clark, Lisbon; John Little, J. H. Sleeper, Chicago; C. K. Erwin, Tomah; P. P. Breckesly. Tomah; C. P. Walter, Tomah; C. G. Gurdycan, Tomah; George O'Brien, J. H. Baltim, F. W. Baer, Wausau.