Forbes, Mary Lewis (Mrs. Robert M..Forbes)
Maude and Sarah Morrison and Dr. and Mrs. Crocker, in Mary Forbes diary.
Diary of Mary Lewis Forbes (original and copy in "Ancestral Summers" by Joseph C. Aldous
Privately published
Star Lake
Original Date
  • Bookwood Historical Collection, Star Lake

Maude and Sarah Morrison and Dr. and Mrs. Crocker Diary of Mary Lewis Forbes (Mrs. Robert M. Forbes) [All mentions of the Maude and Sarah Morrison or Dr. and Mrs. Crocker.]

August 9, 1926: Charles and Loretta [Forbes] arrived about 11 AM and went to Eagle River to Dr. and Mrs. Crocker.

August 27, 1926: The Morrisons [Maude and Sarah] gave a lovely party tonight.

July 31, 1928: Harriet [Aldous] and Dr. Crocker went to Partridge today fishing.

August 26, 1929: Went to a picnic at White Sands. The Morrisons and Crockers. Dr. Crocker and Harriet fished. Got a fine muskie.

September 1, 1929: Wilsons and Shepherds at Morrisons.

August 23, 1930: Dr. and Mrs. Crocker, Harriet and Joe, and I left early for trip to Duluth. Fine food and a good time all around.

September 9, 1930: Dr. Crocker took us to ride this PM around the lake and we say twelve deer. Wonderful sight.

August 21, 1931. Dr. Crocker very sick. I [Mary Forbes] stayed there last night.

September 11, 1931: They [Harriet and Mrs. Aldous] saw Dr. Crocker at the hospital in Chicago.

September 14, 1931: Mrs. Crocker came back to Star Lake to close her cottage.

July 7, 1932: Went for a ride with Dr. and Mrs. Crocker.

July 4, 1933: Drove to Eagle River with Dr. Crocker and Mrs. Aldous.

July 11, 1933: Mrs. Pilsbury [sic] came this AM. Took her and the Morrisons to ride.

September 14, 1935: Took Aunt Sue, Sarah and Maude Morrison, Mrs. Oliver, Joe and Harriet to Stickleys. Lovely organ music. Foliage is getter very beautiful.

September 17, 1935: Had a picnic on the shore of Lake Superior. Mrs. Crocker dropped her grand cake in the sand.

July 21, 1937: Mrs. Crocker, Mrs. Aldous, Sadie [Graham, a Forbes relative] and I, with Robert Warner driving, went on a all day jaunt to Michigan.

July 22, 1937: Mrs. Crocker has a lovely new Buick automobile, and the Blairs a grand station wagon.

August 17, 1937: Picnic at Lake Superior, Webbs, Deans, Mrs. English [Mrs. Crocker’s sister], Francis [English], Mollie Crocker [unrelated to Dr. and Mrs. Crocker? She came to North Star Lodge for a number of years following WWII] and Sadie.

August 20, 1938: Mrs. Crocker had to go to Chicago as her sister, Mrs. English, is sick.

[The diary ends with the summer of 1941. There are no further entries for Morrison or Crocker.]

The original diary is archived in Bookwood, Star Lake, Wisconsin. All of Mrs. Forbes’ entries from Star Lake are reproduced in “Ancestral Summer” by Joseph C. Aldous, her son-in-law.