Plummer, Beverly
Mysterious Musky
Wisconsin Trails Mag. Vol. 14, #2, Summer 1973, pp. 31-33.
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Local mentions:
"As Pat Clawson tells it, he was fishing from the old Minocqua bridge when a musky hit so hard it snapped the line. But the fish was going so fast the whiplash swung him twice around a piling and trapped him there. Pat coolly walked home for a net and club, for now one tackles a musky bare-handed—if he has a choice." [page 33]

"As one indication of his [musky's] importance, a lodge near Hayward offers a $10,000 reward to anyone catching a new world's record musky. Another, near Sayner, offers the lucky fisherman $1,000 and a week's free vacation every year for the rest of his life. It'll take a mighty big fish to rell in that prize, though. The world's record musky, which was landed September 22, 1957, onthe St. Lawrence River in New York, weighed in at sixty-nine pounds, fifteen ounces. Wisonsin's record is just four ounces less, but it dates back to 1949, when Louis Spray hauled his trophy fish out of the Chippewa River flowage." [page 31.]

  • Bookwood Historical Collection, Star Lake