Hooper, C. W., ed.
Star Lake
Minocqua Times November 20, 1895.
Original Date

Scrobell, Early Times, 1988 reprints this using the title "Visit to Star Lake" and omits the final two paragraphs.

  • Bookwood Historical Collection, Star Lake
  • Minocqua Public Library
  • UW Madison/Wis Hist Soc

In company with Mrs. Hooper and baby we took a run up to Star Lake las Saturday for a visit with Dr. and T.A. Harvison and sister, Mrs. Geddis. We arrived there about 3 o'clock p.m. and found everybody busy. By the kindness of Mr. A. E. Williams, of the firm Williams, Salsich & Co., in company with the Dr. we were shown through the mill and yards and found everythiang running in ship shape and everybody as busy as bees. The mill proper is 50 x 156, with a lean to on the east side, 20 x 73 and an extension on the south end 15 x 32. The engine room was first visited which is occupied by a Reynolds Coreless, 600 horse power engine, with a 24 x 48 inch cylinder, and is run by C. C. Clark with Dan Spaulding assistant. From there we went to the boiler room which is built of white brick and is 37 x 71 fee, fire proof. The next place of interest, was where they were sawing, which is looked afer by Geo. Tapper, a very pleasant gentleman. It is a isght to see the say the logs are cut ino lumber with the two band saws running. The mill is one of hte finest in this part of the country, and we built for a capacity of 160,00 every twenty-four hours, but it wll exceed that from 20,000 to 40,000. At present they are only running days, but as soon as the electric plant is put in will run day and night. AFter watching the lumber fly around until we became tired, we visited the filing room which is up stairs and presided over by Eugene Bisbee and Chas. Tupper, assistant. After a trip through the yards, which comprises about 60 acres, we were forsaked by Mr. Williams and the Dr. assumed the duty as guide, showing us the new hotel, "Veldheim"[sic], which is one of the prettiest places we have had the pleasure of visiting for some time. Mine hoste, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Powell are the right persons in the right place.

There are over seventy dwelling houses which are all occupied and more going up; a find school house with over fifty scholars, with Miss Burns as teacher; a large store well stocked iwth goods and look after by Mr. Yeerkes. A large round house is nearly completed, which is being build in company with the C.M. & St. P. Co. The compnay have about twenty miles of railroad standard grade which they operate with two large engines.

We also had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Clark one of th firm, E. B. Kennison, time keeper and Ryan Schultz, station agent.

We had a very pleasant visit and a days hunt for deer, but failed to find anything but tracks which we were unable to bring back with us.