Star Lake Sprays
Minocqua Times January 8, 1896
Original Date

A portion of this column (including the paragraph about the toboggon slide) is reproduced in: Scrobell, Early Times, 1988.

  • Bookwood Historical Collection, Star Lake
  • Minocqua Public Library
  • UW Madison/Wis Hist Soc

Star Lake, Wis. Jan., 1. 1896.

P. Caldwell spent Christmas with friends at Arbor Vitae

As professional skee [sic] riders, the Norwegian boys of this place take the cake.

Dr. M. M. Harvison, of Chicago, spent his holiday vacation with relatives and friends at this place.

The camps roundabout are all activity since the late snow, that makes sledding at a profit possible.

J. M. Nightser, who has been engaged at the mill for some time, returned to his home at Washta, Iowa, last Tuesday.

Quite a number of the mill hands celebrated Christmas in a fashon [sic] to create headaches the following day. Better swear off today boys.

Mrs. C. A. Tupper, of Wausau, spent Christmas week with her husband here, who has a position at the mill as a carpenter and builder.

Harry Stares, the popular guide and woodsman, made a professional trip to Manitowish last week.

Miss E. Baker, associate editor of the Merrill Advocate attended the ball at the Woldheim [sic] Wednesday evening, a guest of Mr. and Mr. G. M. Little [of Tomahawk, see later in column].

Peddlers of the Jewish persuasion will no doubt give our city a walk around in the future if the experience of one of the fraternity, last week, has the proper weight of influence.

A large and comfortable hall for the use of the Modern Woodmen, is rapidly nearing completion. We understand that a club dance is one of the future possibilities to mature shortly after the hall is ready for occupancy.

Slowly but surely our population is increasing. We note with pleasure the arrival of a young heiress at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frazer Cyr, last Saturday evening. The battle over and victory won with papa Cry ten miles away.

The toboggan slide is the drawing card these fine evenings. Every kind of speeder from scoop shovels to upholstered sleights are brought into use and a few unaproachable [sic] records established. Comfortably seated with both arms encircling somebody's sister and covering the one fourth of a mile course in ten seconds, would infuse life into a wooden Indian.

The entertainment at the school house Christmas eve was a very pleasant affair. The trees resplendant [sic] with wax tapers, loaded with presents and delicacies, were worth looking at. A program of choice selections from appropriate literature was rendered by the little folks in a highly creditable manner. The distribution of presents in some cases elicited rounds of applause as some one received a gruesome object in lieu of something more to their fancy. The homeward trip through a heavy fall of snow ended the very successful Christmas celebration.

One of the most pleasant social dancing parties that lovers of the art terpsicorean, ever participated in was held at the hotel Waldheim last Wednesday evening. The dancing parlor of this alreadynoted hostelry was handsomly decorated with potted plants, the floor was newly waxed and the famous Star Lake orchestry secured. The party was given by the C. M. & St. P. trainmen, under the management of Conductor Gid Little. About thirty couple participated and are a unit in expressing it an entertainment par excellence. A regular banquet supper was seerved at midnight, the handiwork of Mr. Gallerher, one of the best cooks in the state. The following named ladies and gentlemen of Tomahawk were in attendance : Mr. aned Mrs. G. M. Little, Mr. and Mrws. Otto Gebbart, Mr. and Mrs. Thos Foley, Chas. Pattel and Herb Cronant. SPRAYER.

Ahead of the Star Lake Sprays column this note appeared: "W. H. Hooper visited friends at Star Lake last Saturday and Sunday."