Star Lake Breezes
Minocqua Times, April 23, 1896
Original Date
  • Bookwood Historical Collection, Star Lake
  • Minocqua Public Library
  • UW Madison/Wis Hist Soc

Perch fishing is the order of the day.

The peacocks are reliable storm barometers.

The mill started the ten hour run last Thursday.

Frank Bisbee made a business trip to Wausau last Saturday.

Two bears were seen near Plum Lake Station one day last week.

The Indians are marketing considerable maple-sugar these days.

A silverware agent was talking trade with the people here last Tuesday.

There's a dark brown smell about a certian root house in the city that ought to be removed by stealth or otherwise.

Out Sunday School is prospering. Mr. Geo. Maxim, superintendent, fills the position with credit to himself and pupils.

Last Saturday evening about forty couples attended a social hop at the Boarding House, and report it a charming success.

Miss Anne Tupper, who has been visiting here with relatives for the past two months, left on Tuesday's passenger for her home in Wausau.

May 1st promises to be an important date. The ladies and little folks are going to celebrate in old style fashion, May pole and all. The men,--well that's bock beer day.

The amount of lumber manufactued and stored daily in the forty acre yard adjoining the mill is an object of wonder to the novice who perhaps never saw more than a half-million feet in the so called extensive lumber yards. The yard is laid out into tram streets and alleys. Corner lots however, not commanding any higher respect that center ones, except as to amount of lumber stored thereon. IDLER.