Contributing to this Site

The Webmasters are eager to add additional material to the site. If you have materials of interest, please contact the Webmaster at

What kinds of materials are we interested in? Almost anything, but here are some ideas:

Text for one of the Topics

The text for a number of the topics has not been written. Is it your area of expertise? Would you like to write it? Please do. We'll put your name and date on it! Please write to the webmaster in advance before you start writing!

Is there already material written for the topic? A number of topics have only very short texts, written more as placeholders than to be a definitive statement. We'd be interested in your writing better text. Or you may just have additional material to add. Regardless, please be in touch with the webmaster.

New Topics.

Is there a topic that should be added? Will you write it? In particular do you or your family have a history at Star Lake or its surroundings? We are eager to add family stories, whether of summer residents or year-round residents. We would like to add a separate topic for every family or individual story we can add. If you have a story, here is the place to tell it.


Are you aware of a webpage that ought to be linked to this one? Please let us know, and tell us which topic you think it should be linked to.

Bibliography Items and Documents

Are you aware of books or other documents that should be in the bibliography? Please let the webmaster know. Are you aware of an electronic source of the text of the document, so that it can either be posted on this website or linked to it? Please let us know.