Current Research

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The Name of Star Lake.

The local mythology is that Star Lake was named for a man named Starr who was killed in an accident in the early days of Star Lake, either in the mill or on the railroad. While such an incident did happen, and may have influenced some decisions about what to call the town, we know that Star Lake was named much earlier. Maps from the mid 1870's show the name Star Lake. But the 1865 Survey does not show a name for the lake. Maps published in Chicago began to show the name in the early 1880's. What happened about 1870 to cause the name "Star" to be connected with this lake? Surely it was not named by a mapmaker, who was adding names; he would have chosen "Horseshoe" or just about anything but Star.

Any Ideas?

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Forest History

What did this forest look like when the loggers arrived? How much pine was there? How long had it looked like it did? Was this the forest primeval, having looked as it did for centuries or longer, or was the forest the loggers saw a relatively recent development? What was the role of Native Americans in the development of this forest? Can we answer these questions?

A lot has been written on this subject that is downright wrong. We have a lot of misconceptions. Can you join the Webmaster in searching for answers? Write

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