Ashland, Wisconsin

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    Ashland was incorporated as a city on March 25, 1887, and is located at the top of Wisconsin along the south shore of Lake Superior. Its proximity to Lake Superior (Chequamegon Bay) provided an ideal location for shipping and rail service for lumber and iron ore which was plentiful in the region. Saw mills and ore docks dominated the lakefront and kept Ashland thriving well into the mid 1900s. Eventually rail and shipping needs began to taper off and Ashland began a transition focusing on an industrial and service based economy. Leading employers in the area include CG Bretting Manufacturing, Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College, Northland College and the Memorial Medical Center Regional Hospital. The City of Ashland owns and operates a full-service marina, RV campground, tenting campground and several city parks. The primary residential areas comprise approximately 11% of the city, while rural-type settings make up 55% of the city.

    The above text was written by Dan Maderich, Senior Civil Technician/Urban Forestry Coordinator, Ashland, and is from Wisconsin Urban & Community Forests. The continuation of the article describes Ashland's urban forestry program. Click here for the full text of the article.

    Charles P. Forbes
    March 23, 2010
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    +++TREE CITY

    Ashland continues to be a Tree City in 2011. (##1734 DNR##).