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    The governmen that impacts life most at Star Lake is the State of Wisconsin, usually acting through the Department of Natural Resources. However, from time to time a larger issue presents itself as a result of federal government action, either actual or proposed. I am not referring to the routine operations of the Post Office or the US Forest Service, though they can have significant impant. Rather, the items under this heading are proposals that would be of significant impact to the area.

    As this is written there are three items on the list: Overflights by Air Force planes are greater than the speed of sound (a nuisance, but no longer with us); the possibility of a nuclear waste underground storage facility in the area (for now a dead issue); and Project Elf--a system of Ultra-Low Frequency (hence the acronym) transmissions used to communicate with underwater submarines (operated on a limited basis for a while; never expanded as originally proposed; now discontinued).

    Charles P. Forbes
    September 2, 2018
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