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    The Hellyer and Silverthorne families headed by Walter Hellyer (1880-1966) and his sister Edith Hellyer Silverthorne (1882-1961) first stayed at Oliver's Lodge, and their history in Star Lake may extend earlier to the Hotel Waldheim. There was a cabin at Oliver's (and later at North Star Lodge) caller the Hellyer cottage; it burned probably in the late 1940's. There was also a Silverthorne cottage, which was the large cottage out in the field beyond the "Two-Spot" and "Three-Spot" cottages. [The area is no longer a field, but the cabin is still there.] When Lorraine Theel sold North Star Lodge she retained the Silverthorne cottage for herself. It has since been sold.

    In 1919 Edith Silverthorne fell in love with land on High Lake in the Boulder Junction area. The land was purchased and the two families have occupied it summers ever since. It now contains a number of cottages and guest facilities.

    The story of the famlies at High Lake is told in The Way We Were written by Jaque Reed Edith Hellyer's granddaughter.

    Charles P. Forbes
    August 22, 2020
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    Obituary of Mrs. Georgeanna Hellyer

    Mrs. Georgeanna Hellyer, 63 years old, wife of Frederick Hellyer, tea merchant of the United States and Japan, died at her residence in Riverside [IL] yesterday. In 1874, shortly after their marriage, the Hellyers went to Japan, returning to the United States three years later, and in 1888 they moved to Riverside. Mrs. Hellyer leave the following children: Mrs. John Liddell of Shanghai, China; Arthur Hellyer, Walter Hellyer, and Mrs. George Silverthorne of Riverside, and Harold Hellyer of Kobe, Japan. For many years Mrs. Hellyer lived in the Virginia hotel. [Chicago Tribune, April 16, 1914]

    Obituary of Arthur T. Hellyer

    A. T. Hellyer, 89, Noted Tea Expert Dies.

    Services for Arthur T[erell] Hellyer, 89, of Hawthorne Lane, Wheaton, retired authority on tea, will be held at 11 a. m. Saturday in Trinity Episcopal Church, 130 N. West st., Wheaton. He died Saturday in his residence in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.

    He and his brother, Walter, who died last year, were partners in Hellyer & Company, 1415 Randolph st., tea importers. He made many trips to Japan after World War II for the United States to inspect the Japanese tea industry. He was a tea expert on Gen. MacArthur's economic and financial staff in 1946. He was born in Kobe, Japan [March 18, 1879]. His father, Fred, founded the Chicago company and plants in Japan.

    He retired from the company in 1950. He leaves his widow, Kate; two sons, Arthur B. and John T.; nine grandchildren: and 11 great-grandchildren. [Chicago Tribune, April 24, 1968]