Plum Lake Hemlocks State Natural Area

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    The Plum Lake Hemlocks State Natural Area is located at the outlet of Star Lake as it flows into Star Creek (its actual name, though often called Plum Creek by residents of Star Lake) which flows to Plum Lake. The area contains considerble old growth hemlocks.

    The Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin has included trips in this area in its annual offering of field trips. The latest of these was 2004, during which it was field trip 27: "Plum Lake SNA Old Growth. Discover the majesty of old growth forests at Plum Lake SNA and the contrasting Star Lake. Learn about ecology and management of northern forests." June 5, 2004. Led by Ron Eckstein. [See: Wisconsin Natural Resources, 28:2, April 2004, p. 24.]

    Charles Forbes
    August, 2004

    Charles P. Forbes
    August 9, 2004
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