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    The Merrill Historical Society Inc. is a local affiliate of the Wisconsin Historical Society. It has three facilities in Merrill:

    The Heritage Center, located in a former church. The facility is currently (2009) used by the Society for meetings, concerts, speakers, and other events. Major remodeling is in the planning stage.

    Hermien Livingston Building is not open to the public. It is used for storage of Merrill Historical Society artifacts and archival materials.

    Brickyard School Museum. The Merrill Historical Society maintains the contents and interior of the one room Brickyard School House which is located on the Lincoln County Fair Grounds. The building is open every year during the fair and during September all the first graders are treated to a one room school experience through the efforts of a partnership with Merrill Area Public Schools. Lorraine Muschinske and Fred Schepp have been instrumental in keeping this effort going along with a host of volunteers. (From the Society Website, 2009).

    Charles P. Forbes
    December 29, 2009
    Revised: Historical Society, Merrill
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