Waldheim, Oliver's, North Star Lodge

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    North Star Lodge is the present name of a resort that started in the nineteenth century as the Hotel Waldheim. In 1908 it was purchased by John Oliver and operated as Oliver Lodge until it closed during World War II. During the war it was owned by Joseph C. Aldous, a summer resident of Star Lake, and owner of a cabin built on former lodge property just north of the lodge. In 1944 it was purchased by Herb Theel and Vince Trollen and opened as North Star Lodge. Theel bought out Trollen's interest after just one year. Subsequent to the Theels it was owned by the Morehead and then the Hintz families. Bill Hintz was the manager and operated the lodge as "Hintz's North Star Lodge."

    There are three subheadings to this entry, one for the Hotel Waldheim, one for Oliver's Lodge, and one for North Star Lodge. The history of this historic resort will be told in much greater detail, by ownership era, in those entries.

    Charles P. Forbes
    January 23, 2009
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