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    The Town of Plum Lake was established in April, 1911. Plum Lake, and Olson, V. It contains two townsites, Sayner and Star Lake, neither of which is incorporated nor has a legal existence, except as sites of post offices. Because the name Plum Lake is otherwise simply the name of a lake, not a town, the Chamber of Commerce sometimes refers to the "Sayner-Star Lake Area", but that has no legal meaning. The township has a town board consisting of three members, one of whom is the Town Chairman. The township employs a clerk, and has an office in Sayner.

    The two articles in the Vilas County News-Review, cited above, disagree on the date of establshment. Olson, V. states April 11, 1911; Plum Lake states April 1, 1911. It goes on to state: "The town of Plum Lake, which encompasses the Vilas County communities of Sayner and Star Lake, officially was created by an ordinance passed by the Vilas County Board Jan. 5, 1911. The ordinance went into effect April 1, 1911, creatiing the new town from teerritory detached from the town of Arbor Vitae."

    The article continues: "The first Plum Lake town meeting was held in Sayner April 14, 1911."

    Charles P. Forbes
    March 6, 2001
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    Wallace Akey, one of the town supervisors, received the American Community Leadership Award (second place) from the National Association of Towns and Townships. The award came with a prize of $1,000 for local government use. Cited in the ##1767 Vilas County News## and then mentioned in Backward Glances in 1999.


    The Star Lake column in the //Vilas County News-Review//, June 22, 1939, written by Mrs. Ole Rismon: "Town Board met at the town hall Monday evening."