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    Winslow Thompson bought the property between the Aldous property and the North Star Lodge from Joseph Aldous in the late 1930's. The property had been sold to Aldous by John Oliver, owner of Oliver's Lodge (later North Star Lodge) as a way to raise cash during the depression in order to keep the lodge open.

    Thompson first built a small boathouse near the lake using wood from the old Bird Cottage of Oliver Lodge. The Bird Cottage was the largest of the Lodge cottages and had burned. It was now located, back from the lake, on the property bought by Thompson. After the war Thompson built and nice lakeside cabin, a guest house, and a rebuilt boathouse, all in half-log siding. Win Thompson's daughter Marylou, and her husband Roger Schmelling succeeded Win Thompson and his wife, Lucile, as owners of the property. Now their son Steve is the main user (2018).

    Meanwhile, Roger and Marylou's daughter Ann, now Anne Derber resides with her husband in Presque Isle and Anne is the chief executive of Camp Manito-wish in Boulder Junction. She retired from this position in 2019.

    Charles P. Forbes
    September 7, 2018
    Revised: September, 2019
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