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    There is a network of trails in the Star Lake area called "Trampers Trails." They were originally laid out in the 1930's by the "Ballard Lake Trail Club" a loose net group centered on No topic [rismons rismons lodge] on Ballard Lake. The leaders were Frank Tucker of Akron, Ohio, M. B. Rosenberry, of Madison, Wisconsin, and Frank A. Gould of Evanston, Illinois. The trails were marked with signs indicating "Trampers Trail" and a map, in blueprint format, was published.

    I have found no documentation to support this, but it was generally understood that the CCC worked to continue the upkeep of the trails.

    At the end of the century and extending till the present time, the trails have been cared for by members of the No topic [lakers star lakers club].

    I found a clue to the origin of the name from the following in a article in the Appalachian Trailway News: "The first two decades of the [twentieth] century had seen the emergence not only of forest conservation, but also of a strong hiking or 'tramping' movement in New England and New York. A broad array of path-building efforts by small clubs in New England and New York's Hudson River valley was underway." Rubin, 2000

    Charles P. Forbes
    August 25, 2006
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