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    The Eagle River Historical Society is a local affiliate of the Wisconsin Historical Society. It operates two museums:

    The Eagle River Historical Museum, formerly located on the grounds of Trees for Tomorrow, but now in a new building south of Eagle River on Highway 45. The Trees for Tomorrow building was the first museum of the society, opening in 1998. Before that they had displayed historical items in display cases in the Vilas Village Mall (which holds the supermarket north of town). The present building (2018) contains, per the Wisconsin Historical Society website: Logging artifacts; family histories; [high school] class pictures 1935-1974, memorabilia of schools, boat racing, Snowmobie Derby; and Early plat maps.

    Eagle River Historical Society Depot Museum contains, per the Wisconsin Historical Society website (2009): Chicago & Northwestern Rail Road Memorabilia and artifacts; trapping artifacts; Indian artifacts-wood sculpture; photos circa 1880's-1930's; gambling memorabilia; displays of early resorts & camps; plat maps of early Eagle River streets; and an ice castle display. Today (2018) the emphasis is on railroad related items.

    Charles P. Forbes
    December 29, 2009
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