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    The Starlakers Club was founded in the 1960's, as the town approached its 75th Anniversary (1969). One of the stated goals of the organization was to raise money for, and plan for, a gala 100th Anniversary celebration in 1994. Over the years the club expanded its goals and became a general civic support organization. They organized a significant volunteer effort to rejuvenate the Trampers Trails in the area (see No topic [117 trampers trails]).

    Most recently (2009) they have built a handicapped access fishing pier at the Star Lake Picnic Ground on the old mill site. As part of their efforts to raise funds for the fishing pier they have sponsored a "Mayor of Star Lake" "election." Candidates raise funds, mostly from boxes in the Star Lake Store and Stillwaters Tavern, and the candidate who gets the most "votes" (i.e. dollars) is declared Mayor of Star Lake at a party Labor Day weekend. Mayors of State Lake have been:

    2002 Bob Carey

    2003 Tommy Carey

    2004 Jim Errington

    2005 Phil (Doc) Dougherty

    2006 John Schacht

    2007 Debbie Becker

    2008 Marypat Wulff

    Charles P. Forbes
    August 5, 2009
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