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    The musky, or muskellunge, is the premier sport fish in Star Lake and the surrounding lakes. "Keeper" sizes have varied over the years, but usually are 30" and larger. In recent years, people who fish have been encouraged to "catch and release" their muskies in order to sustain the fishery.

    Charles P. Forbes
    July 27, 2010
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    +++The State Fish

    The musky became the "state fish" of Wisconsin in 1955. ##854 Johnson & Laughlin##

    +++Joseph Aldous Musky

    Over the mantle in Lowwood, the Star Lake cottage of Charles Forbes which was build by his uncle, Joseph C. Aldous, is a mounted muskie weighing 30 pounds, length 48 inches, caught trolling in Star Lake on September 21, 1934, with Alec Berry as guide.