Star Lake Plantation

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    The Report of the State Forrester of Wisconsin For 1911 and 1912 contained the following:
    "In order to have a fairly large and permanent experimental plantation it is proposed to reforest, in the spring of 1913, a long point in Star lake, Vilas county, which contains about 100 acres, and the following plants grown in the state nursery will be used:
    White Pine ..... 50,000
    Norway Pine ..... 50,000
    Western yellow pine ..... 10,000
    Scotch pine ..... 5,000
    Norway spruce ,,,,, 5,000
    "A permanent accurate record of this plantation will be kept and it should prove a very valuable guide to all future tree planters of northern Wisconsin." (P. 66.)

    In 1913 the DNR planted the Star Lake Plantation on the Star Lake peninsula. The seedlings came from the DNR Nursery at Trout Lake. In 1943 two one-acre test plots were established and the trees in the test plots were numbered. The first thinning occurred at that time, the second five years later and the third six years later. Statistical data from the first three thinnings is presented by forester F. G. Wilson in his "Evaluation of Three Thinnings at Star Lake".

    Wilson also notes that the thinning protocol was established by the Lake States Forest Experiment Station, which maintains the records of the plantation. [Note: The Lake States Forest Experiment Station merged in 1965 with the Central States Forest Experiment Station to form the North Central Forest Experiment Station.

    NOTE: In the Bibliography (at Bibliography TAB), technical papers that have been generated by research at the Star Lake Plantation are listed under "Comprehensive."

    Charles P. Forbes
    June 15, 2012
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