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    The Trout Lake Station is a year-round field station operated by the Center for Limnology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.Located in the Northern Highland Lake District in northern Wisconsin, the station provides access to a wide variety of aquatic ecosystems and their surrounding landscapes.More than 2500 lakes are within 50km of the station.

    The station has a long history of aquatic research. Since its founding in 1924 more than 1000 scientific publications and student theses have resulted from research conducted at Trout Lake. In addition to fostering research, the Trout Lake Station is used regularly for field trips by undergraduate and graduate courses from universities throughout the Midwest .

    The station is well-equipped to support both short - and long-term visits. The station's all-season cabins provide accommodations for researchers, 11 additional beds are available in its summer-only cabins. The new Frost House is available for UW - Madison Faculty conducting research related to the environmental sciences. Modern laboratories and field equipment are available for research use by visiting researchers.High-speed wireless internet access is available in the laboratory and residence cabins.

    The Center for Limnology was established in July 1982 to plan, conduct, and facilitate inland freshwater research. The Center grew out of almost one hundred years of limnology at the University initiated by E.A. Birge and Chancey Juday, who founded limnology in North America through extensive descriptive and comparative studies. Our roots were further developed by Arthur D. Hasler, who led the way in experimental limnology and facilitated four decades of aquatic studies at Wisconsin. Our present program builds on these approaches and has expanded to include long-term studies, synthesis, modeling, Great Lakes research, and application to resource managment and environmental issues.

    Today's Center for Limnology operates two field stations, the Hasler Laboratory for Limnology located on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus and the Trout Lake Station in the Northern Highland Lake District at Boulder Junction. Although both facilities operate year round, Trout Lake Station is the most busy during the summer months.

    From the Center Website
    July 25, 2010
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    In 2011 the station hosted an Open House for the public. The entire station and it facilities were open to view, and the Open House included a lake tour on Trout Lake to see limnology research techniques.