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    Trout Lake is the largest lake in the area. Unlike most of the lakes in the region, it is named on the original 1865 survey map of the area. It was/is the site of a number of resorts, the most famous of which are Cardinal's and Coon's, as well as Red Crown Lodge an executive retreat for Standard Oil of Indiana. It is the historic site for the State Forestry Headquarters of the Northern Highland State Forest.

    A number of important resorts, lodges and facilities are or were located on Trout Lake:


    Northwoods Creations, a cookbook created for Red Crown Lodge, contains the following: "Red Crown Lodge Historical Sketch":

    In his efforts to promote better teamwork and cooperation among top executives, Colonel Stewart decided that the best means of doing this was to have them play together. he sent a scout into northern Wisconsin to find a place which could be used to accomplish his purpose. As a result, in the spirng of 1922, the company purchased an estate overlooking Trout Lake. The place was named Red Crown Lodge.

    From the time each party arrived until it left, Stewart had every minute of the day planned. In the morning, there was golf with the foursomes prearranged. Those who did not care to golf went fishing. After lunch everyone played horseshoes or softball. Even though one did not care to fish or play horseshoes or softball, he did. These highly regimented and strenuous outings were held because Colonel Stewart believed that if executive played together and became better acquainted, they would work better together.

    This if followed in the book by, "Red Crown Lodge Today":

    Red Crown Lodge serves Amoco as a business meeting and vacation facility.

    Over the years, there have been numerous improvements which included the building of Lake Shore Lodge in 1983 to replace the old boat house and the addition of the Recreation Building in 1980. More recently we have included an exercise facility and a guest office.

    Some of the activities at the Lodge are tennis, horseshoes, basketball and we have a waterfront deck and dock with all the amenities such as sailboats, paddleboats, canoes, pontoon boat and waterskiing.

    There is a putting green available as is nearby Trout Lake Golf Course, trapshooting, horseback riding and fishing. Something for everyone.

    This beautiful setting on crystal clear Trout Lake offers much relaxation and enjoyment to those who are privileged to spend time here.



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    Charles P. Forbes
    August 12, 2007
    Revised: July 12, 2010
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    1717 "A Gift that Spawns Great Lakes Fisheries"## in //Wisconsin Natural Resources//, Summer, 2011, states that, among other species, the Les Voigt Fish Hatchery in Bayfield grows lake trout, and they are placed in Trout Lake and Lake Superior, among other lakes.


    The DNR Invasive Species Inventory for Vilas County Lakes, shown under LINKS in this Topic, 2011, shows these invasive species in this lake: Banded mystery snails and rusty crayfish.