Using This Site

The core of is a set of topics, which is called the database. You get to it by clicking on "Enter Database." You will be taken to the top level of the database. From there you can move around the database using the buttons on the left.

The basic page for each topic in the database contains four sections

(1) The title, at the top.

(2) A text entry about the topic.

(3) A series of TABS that take you to: Bibliography, Links, Images and Miscellay which, if active (i.e. blue in color) will take you to bibliography entries related to this topic; a list of links to other pages; images; or miscellaneous items related to the topic, but not appropriate for the main entry.

(4) A navigation section (on the left) which will allow you to go to the Home Page, an Index which presents the topics in alphabetical order, a link to the top level of the topic lists, links to go up one level in the topics list, and a list of subheads for the topic of this page. Try clicking through the topics list, and you will quickly get the hang of the organization. You many not agree with the way the content is organized, but you should be able to find things. If you are looking for a specific item, it is best to look first in the index.

Back on the Home Page you will find direct access to Bibliography, Images, Post Cards, Documents, Maps, and Topics. Some of the buttons may not be active, but they should be soon (Maps will take some time; don't expect it soon.) These will give you direct access to the collections of bibliographic entries, images, post cards, documents, and maps which are presented on this page. Thus you can approach the items presented by topic (by clicking on "Enter Database" or "Topics"--they go the same place) or by category, by clicking on the buttons on the home page.

On the right of the home page are additional buttons which should be self-explanatory. You are particularly urged to explore Adding Your Data and Current Research as these encourage your participation in the development of this web page.

Charles P. Forbes
October, 2020