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    Visitors to the Northwoods, and certainly to Star Lake, certainly have fish, wildlife, and forests on their minds. With the arrival of the automobile in the teens, the evening activity of "deering" became popular, with guests of the resorts keeping logs of the number of deer they saw on their evening drives. With the open fields of the cutover slowly growing over it became harder to see large groups of deer, and that activity, and the word, deering, dropped from use in the 1950's. Nevertheless, deer remain the most sought after wildlife to watch.

    Fish bring huge numbers to the Northwoods, with the king being the musky. And though the pine forests are largely gone, and probably never were what folks of today imagine them to have been, the forests of the Northwoods today are beautiful and attract many visitors.

    This section of the website presents those plants and animals that have been of interest. If your favorite is not listed you can add it by submitting your own material. E-mail webmaster@starlake.org

    Charles P. Forbes
    March 16, 2007
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