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    The main businesses in the Star Lake area are the resorts. From early in the twentieth century until late in the century they domiated the region, being the main reason that people came to the north country. However, toward the end of the century two things had changed: campgrounds and motels tended to dominate the tourist accommoation business, and the "American Plan" resort essentially died, being replaced by housekeeping arrangements. By the end of the century many resorts had closed, the properties either being sold off for private homes or the resorts turned into condominiums. Star Lake has seen similar changes, with North Star Lodge featuring housekeeping cottages, and the other resorts on the lake closing and being sold off as private cottages.

    This histories of the resorts in Star Lake are arranged by lake--see the list to the left. However, note the following:

    Stuth's Resort. I know this only by a postcard in my postcard college, postmarked 1948, that shows "Fireside Cottage, Stuth's Resort, Star Lake, Wis." The words "Star Lake" could refer to the lake or to the town, but I think is is more likely that it refers to the town. I know nothing more about this resort other than its "Fireside Cottage" was on a downhill slope with the front porch almost a whole storey above the ground, with a stairway leading to it. It could be on any of the local lakes. If anyone knows about "Stuth's Resort" please contact

    Charles P. Forbes
    March 5, 2009
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