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    Wilsie's White Birch Lodge was located on White Birch Lake. It operated for years under that name, owned and developed by Pat Wilsie. The earliest date found on the web for Wilsie's White Birch Lodge as 1942. However, nobody opened a resort in 1942, and few opened during the depression. I would guess (can anybody help here?) that it opened in the teens or twenties. Some time in the fifties, Pat Wilsie opened Aqualand across Highway K from the lodge.

    The lodge was sold in 1962 and became Motel-in-the-Woods.

    Carol Ackerson came with her family to the lodge beginning in 1942. The family continued as guests into the Motel-in-the-Woods years. In 1981 Carol and her husband Dick Malmgren purchsed the property and reopened it as White Birch Village. Since they purchased the Aqualand property across the road and have incorporated it into White Birch Village, using the structures on the property as part of the resort.

    Charles P. Forbes
    March 5, 2012
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    Pat Wilsie was President of the Association in 1960, according to a note in Backward Glances" Vilas County News-Review, December 22, 2010.