Other Lakes in the Star Lake Area

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    Since there is no legal entity of Star Lake, there are no defined geographic boundaries for Star Lake. (It is part of Plum Lake Township, but so is Sayner, and there is no definition of where one begins and the other ends.) The lakes shown at left as sub-topies of this topic are the ones generally considered part of Star Lake, but the list is arbitrary, and I take responsiblity for assembling it.

    Other local lakes of interest:


    North and east of Star Lake is Forest Lake--allegedly a beautiful lake. However, its shoreline is entirely private and there is (to my knowledge) no public access--evidently a battle the state does not want to undertake. Its beauty is, therefore, a matter of reputation. The following is from Wisconsin Land of Lakes Magazine, 1936:

    "Another large transaction which has brought considerable Milwaukee capital to this part of Wisconsin, was the purchase by Oscar F. Hiemke, the treasurer of the American Appraisal Company, of the entire frontage on Forest Lake. The property was sold to Mr. Hiemke by a group of men that included Lacy Crolius, J. B. Gottschalk, and Jos. F. Habrich, and represented an investment of $100,000. Mr. Hiemke formed a corporation, called the Forest Lakes, Inc., with himself as president, and A. W. Scheer of the Schoeder Hotel interests of Milwaukee, is secretary. {2009, Corporation is no longer active. There is a Forest Lake Association, Inc.]

    "They are planning on making this property one of the highest grade summer home developments in the state of Wisconsin. This is a beautiful lake,with heavily wooded shores, and for several months the company has been devoting its time to the construction of roads around the lake, and getting lots in readiness for sale so that they will start in 1927 with a well defined program of development.

    "John Habrich, of Eagle River, who made such a success out of the development of Bass Lake in Vilas County, is general manager in charge of this development on Forest Lake."

    Charles P. Forbes
    August 9, 2004
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